The Centers

Cook Library


Centrally located on campus, Albert S. Cook Library supports student scholarship by providing a wide array of resources, services, and learning opportunities.    Librarians and staff are available to help students find, evaluate, and use information and you can ask any research-related questions you may have in-person and via text message, instant message, e-mail, and phone. For more information about Cook Library resources and services, visit the website


The Career Center

Career Center - Towson University 2013-02-19 11-46-06

The Career Center’s mission is to help the students of Towson University, both current and former, with their career choices, direction and connections. Jobs and internships both on and off campus are posted within Hire@TU and the Career Center is always available to help with resumes and interview prep prior to applying for a position. Drop in or make an appointment and for more information visit

The Academic Achievement Center

Academic Achievement Center - Towson University 2013-02-19 11-53-24

The Academic Achievement Center is a learning center that provides current students with academic support services.  These services include peer tutoring for many 100 and 200 level courses, learning strategy workshops, placement testing, and individualized academic coaching.  Academic coaching provides an opportunity to explore personal learning styles, while focusing on strengths and working to improve study skills. Visit the website for more information about tutoring and other services offered by the center.

The Counseling Center

Counseling Center - Office of Student Affairs - Towson University 2013-02-19 11-59-57

Towson University’s Counseling Center is the primary source of personal counseling and psychological help on campus for students, faculty and staff. It’s easy to make an initial appointment to speak with a counselor. Call 410-704-2512 or stop by the Counseling Center to arrange for a private meeting to discuss your concerns. Our services are confidential and for most there is no fee.

Undergraduate Academic Advising Center

Academic Advising Center - Towson University 2013-02-19 12-01-59

The Academic Advising Center coordinates advising at Towson University, maintaining a staff of professional advisers and student advisors who help current students with various aspects of their academic careers. From the First Year Experience (FYE) advising program for freshman to assisting undecided students with course selection, the mission of the center is wide and varied. There are several ways to meet with and or speak to an advisor. Visit the webpage for more information or to chat with an advisor today.


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