Student On-Campus Employees–It’s All About YOU!

Happy National Student Employment Week Tigers!

Did you know that there are over 3,000 jobs available on-campus for students and all departments are now required to posstudentemploymentweekt open positions on Hire@TU?

Students who hold on-campus jobs often have higher GPAs than their peers who work off-campus or don’t have a job at all. On-campus employment allows for flexibility in scheduling and convenience both of which aid in successful time management for class work and studying. As outlined by the NACE Core Competencies for Career Readiness (PDF), there are specific competencies employers in all industries look for in a candidate, which students should develop to be best prepared to transition to the real world post-graduation. On-campus student employment allows students the opportunity to develop these career readiness skills.

In addition to attaining desirable skills that can be translated into the real world after graduation, working on-campus has many other benefits. Rachel Ungvarsky, a marketing intern at the Career Center, shared with me how she benefited from working on-campus and how you, too, can benefit.

  • Career Ready Skills:

 “I’ve held jobs on-campus in departments like Housing and Residence Life, New Student Programs, and the Career Center. These experiences have helped me develop valuable time management, communication, and organizational skills. I’ve also had a chance to work as a team with peers and learn from others,” said Rachel.

  •  Convenience:

 Rachel explains that her favorite part of working on-campus is that on-campus employers “…understand that you are a student first. I’ve been able to juggle classes, involvement, and work schedule much easier because of this.”


  • Makes Finding an Internship/Full-Time Position Easier:

 Reflecting on her on-campus experience she said, “I’ve also had a much easier time getting my first internship since I’ve had these work experiences on my resume. I highly recommend all Towson students to consider being an on-campus student employee. There’s a lot you can learn and experience by working on campus.”


dochireTo the students who are currently on-campus employees, join the Career Center this week for the following events (with lots of free food and giveaways) in order to celebrate and recognize your hard work and dedication:



Make sure to wear your department t-shirt/nametag or be prepared to pull up your online timesheet, as these events are only available to current on-campus student employees. If you are not yet a student employee and are interested in available positions, check out Hire@TU to find your on-campus job today.

Thank you for all of your continual hard work and dedication, TU student on-campus employees!

Amanda Sands
Marketing Intern
Career Center


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