Whatta Plan, Whatta Plan, Whatta Mighty Good Plan!


You have probably seen it in a T3 post, on a flyer, or even as a hold in your Student Center (in Peoplesoft). During the month of October, Academic Advising even asked students to tweet #IDCP to tell us what it is.  It’s out there, it’s been seen, yet many people still do not know what it is or what to do with it. Don’t worry, we’ll help you.

IDCP stands for Individualized Degree Completion Plan. This is the plan now required once of all students to complete and submit, indicating the courses to be taken during the semesters remaining to complete a bachelor’s degree at Towson University. This has become a university requirement as a result of Maryland Senate Bill 740, the Career and College Readiness and College Completion Act of 2013, and it will be a requirement for all University System of Maryland students.

The Individualized Degree Completion Plan takes into account not only the courses you need to complete, but also appropriate sequencing (prerequisites) and timing (offering) of the courses. Since it is individualized, the plan also takes into account your unique goals and needs—personal circumstances, employment, internships, Study Abroad, caretaking, etc. It is important to remember that the Individualized Degree Completion Plan really serves as a road map and can change depending on success in coursework, course availability, addition of or change in major/minor.

We have outlined cases where you might see the IDCP (Degree Completion Plan) hold show up on your account as well as tips for preparing a plan.


Ultimately, as you are approaching the 45-credit (or more) mark, here’s what you should be doing:

  • check out Towson’s online undergraduate catalog for the recommended plan of study for your major;

  • review your Academic Requirements Report to see which graduation requirements you have met and which you need to complete
  • go to the website of your College or Major Department to find information about how to file a Degree Completion Plan with your advisor or academic department.
  • Special note for students who are studying abroad or LHScanner3@towsonparticipating in a National Student Exchange this semester. Some academic departments require submission of the Degree Completion Plan to allow removal of the Academic Advising hold. Be sure to check with your Towson advisor about this requirement.

So now, if you see IDCP, in a T3 post, on a flyer, or in your Student Center, you not only know what it is, but what to do. Nobody plans to fail, but some people fail to plan.

Tricia Raysor
Academic Advising


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