Making the Most of Your Summer Internship

The end of the semester brings with it numerous things aside from final exams and summer vacation. Many students are beginning summer internships, taking summer classes, or preparing for internships in the fall.

blogFor Benjamin G., a TU Business Administration major with a concentration in Economics and a Psychology minor, this summer means being part of the summer internship program at Zappos in Las Vegas!

“The application/interview process was unlike any other process I have ever experienced,” said Benjamin. “I was challenged to not only think outside the box, but also to do more with less.”

He continued, “Sending in an error-free resume was crucial. I visited the Career Center multiple times before applying. It’s amazing how one small error can break your chance for an interview.”

The Career Center and their employer contacts have some awesome advice to share with you in order to make the most out of your summer working experience. Teshia Davis and Harry Florio, Jr., Assistant Vice Presidents in Human Resources at SECU, will show you firsthand what sets candidates and interns apart.

Ms. Davis’ tips for current students are:

  • Make sure you build on essential classroom skills: team work, group projects, communication, etc. Companies seek students with these essential skills. If you are taking summer classes, you can ensure to build on these skills to add to your resume.
  • Find an internship or job opportunity that relates to your degree, and make sure you are interested in the position. If you don’t have an interest, the employer can tell!
  • Remember to research the company before your interview.
  • Proof read your resume and cover letter to ensure they are error free. Remember, employers typically glance at these documents for 30 seconds or less!
  • Be yourself in the interview and show your true personality. Although you are nervous, try not to let that show.
  • Come into the position with an open mind, and be willing to assist in projects.
  • Remember that any job opportunity is bidirectional. You are aiding the company, but also ensure you are taking something away from the experience.

Mr. Florio is Towson University alumnus. He values the education and determination of Towson students, which is one of the reasons he enjoys hiring our Tigers. He shared with us that he wishes he had opportunities for internships and experiences that Towson students have today.

Mr. Florio recommends the following to ensure students gain the most from their experiences:

  • Create your personal brand. Perfect your 30-second commercial and show the company the unique skills you have to offer.
  • Keep your resume to one page, and highlight the most relevant experiences to the position.
  • Take classes or gain experiences to improve your communication skills. Employers desire students who have strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Practice before your interview, but do not sound like a robot when reciting your responses.
  • Ensure your voicemail and email are professional.
  • Be prompt in responding to questions during the interview, and do your research to have questions prepared for the organization.

Check out these tips in action, and learn more about Benjamin and other student successes stories on the Career Center’s student success page!

While the semester is coming to an end, the Career Center is ready to help you prepare for your future. We are open all summer and here to help you with your career-related needs, such as perfecting your resume or preparing for an interview.blog2

To set up an appointment, or for more information, contact the Career Center by calling 410-704-2233 or visiting

Amanda Sands
Marketing Intern and Public Speaking Intern
Career Center


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