Your Permanent Record & How It Will Make You Money

“Get Involved.”

get-involvedThis phrase is among the most common ones you will hear throughout your career at Towson University. Student leaders like resident assistants, orientation leaders, and members of executive boards for different organizations constantly preach it. While it is easy to let this piece of advice go in one ear and out of the other, it’s highly important.

The short-term benefits of involvement are obvious; it fosters school pride, encourages engagement, and serves as a great way to make friends. You’ve probably heard it all before; however, what you may not have heard is how getting involved now will also benefit your future career search.

Once you start to become involved, it’s difficult to stop. Students often participate in multiple student organizations. Over the years, your involvement will start to add up and may prove difficult to track. The Student Activities department at Towson University has created a tool for countering that problem: The Student Engagement Record.

What is the Student Engagement Record?

The Student Engagement Record is a co-curricular transcript that showcases the accomplishments, involvement, and experiences you have acquired during your time at Towson University.

How do I get started?

Technically, you’re already signed up! The Student Engagement Record has begun tracking your involvement; log in through to see what’s already on your record. Check out this video for further instructions.

Why should I care about this?

If you care about having a job at some point in your lifetime, this is an important resource to consider. “The Student Engagement Record prompts students to reflect on their involvement, which will help them be able to articulate why these experiences make them a valuable employee or professional school candidate,” said Beth Steiner, Assistant Director of Student Activities. She continues, “The Student Engagement Record is a great opportunity for students to track and highlight all of their different experiences here at Towson.”

Some of the different ways that this record may help with your future success include:

–  Building your resume
–  Increasing your marketability
–  Enhancing your personal brand during interviews (bring a copy to your interview as supporting
–  Customizing your record to compliment varying job requirements

Fast forward to a year from now; you are involved in a few clubs, maybe you serve on the executive board for one or two of them. You are a proven leader. This means that job offers will just start flooding in, right? You’ll probably have to change phone numbers, move to a new apartment, and start a new life with a new identity? Not exactly. All of this information still needs to be put into a resume to show everything you have to offer your future employer. Great news; the Student Engagement Record allows you to track your involvement and there’s a place on campus that can help you with that tricky document called the resume: The Career Center!

What are the next steps after completing my Student Engagement Record?

The Career Center offers many services and resources including sample resumes by major, a free resume creator on Hire@TU, and resume/cover letter review appointments. The Career Center has a multitude of trained professionals who are dedicated to making your resume the killer job searching tool it has the potential to be!

To schedule a resume/cover letter appointment with a career advisor, call 410-704-2233 or visit The Career Center (7800 York Road, Suite 206) during Express Hours Monday through Thursday from 1-4 p.m. for a 15 minute consultation. Express Hours are conducted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Make sure you bring in a completed copy of your Student Engagement Record to your resume/cover letter review.
Get started today!

Aaron Stroud
Career Center Marketing Intern


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