Ice Bucket Challenge Out; Career Center Challenge In

This summer’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has cooled down in recent weeks, but that’s no reason to stop challenging yourself this semester.

Every student has something more that they can give – but unlike the ice bucket challenge, we’re not talking about donating money.

We’re talking about that extra push you can give yourself to help land an interview and then get that dream internship or job you’ve always wanted.

CAREER CENTER CHALLENGE: The Career Center is challenging you to attend at least one career-related event this semester that will contribute to your future. Here are our recommendations for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

FRESHMEN: By this time, you’re finally settled into your new environment and all of the crazy life changes don’t feel so – well – crazy anymore. But don’t get too comfortable. Take the challenge and attend one of these career-related events.

SOPHOMORES: Don’t fall into the “sophomore slump” – the time when you are no long0714048 Sophmore week-localister a newbie and somehow you get lost in the mix of your peers. Fortunately, the Career Center is featuring Sophomore Career Week so that you can complete the challenge.

JUNIORS: This is the year to fine-tune your resume to meet the needs of potential employers for internships and jobs, as well as improve your skills overall. Take the Career Center Challenge and attend at least one of these career events.

SENIORS/GRADUATE STUDENTS: By this time, you should have some work experience under your belt. But if not, there are still plenty of opportunities that the Career Center is offering this fall to ensure you complete the Career Center Challenge.

For more information about the Career Center visit or call 410-704-2233.

Sara Heilman
Career Center Marketing Intern.



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