A Minor has Major Benefits

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Perhaps you or someone you know has been thinking about the question, “Should I add a minor to my program of study at Towson?”  Some universities require a student to declare and complete a minor in order to graduate.  Although certain majors at Towson require a complementary minor – for example Sport Management requires a Business Administration minor -Towson does not have an across the board requirement.  But completing a minor can be a major benefit to a student’s educational experience as well as for her credentials for employment or graduate school.  Here are some questions to consider if you (or someone you know)is trying to decide about adding a minor.

  • Are the courses that are part of the minor of genuine interest to you and is what you expect to learn from the courses of real value to you?  Completing a minor requires commitment and dedication.  Do you really want to be studying and learning in this field and will you commit the energy and time to do it?
  • Can you complete the minor within the time period you plan for graduation? Minors range from 18 to 30 credits and it is important to be clear about both the number of courses required as well as the sequence of courses. Are the courses sequential or can you take more than one course in the minor in a semester?  It helps to make a decision about a minor no later than first semester of sophomore year, but it is not uncommon for students to complete two or more courses in a minor before making a conscious decision to declare the minor.  So even if you are a junior you may still have time to complete a minor.
  • Will the minor be a complement to your major?  Minors can provide more in-depth knowledge in a field that is related to your major.  For example, a minor in Family Studies would be a wonderful complement to a major in Psychology for someone with a deep interest in child development and psychology.
  • Will the minor diversify your skill set and knowledge?  A minor can give you a valuable set of employment skills that increases or improves your prospects.  For example, a minor in Business Administration would give an English major interested in working for a publisher background in economics, management, and marketing.  Or a minor in Spanish would be a great asset for a student majoring in Health Care Management who wished to work in an area of the country with a large Latino population.

Did you know that Towson currently offers 49 minors and the list is growing?  You can quickly access information about the full complement of minors at Towson via http://www.towson.edu/main/academics/ugrad/minors.asp .    Declaring a minor is as easy as declaring a major. And there are generally no admission requirements for a minor.  Do you need or want additional help in deciding?  Contact the academic departments for the minors you are considering or the Academic Advising Center for more general help.

John McKusick
Academic Advising Center


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