Attack Finals Like a Towson Tiger

123Create a plan for finals and attack it like a Towson tiger!  Take the advice of Dr. Chandler and prepare early!  We put together 5 best tips for finals planning, studying, and preparation.   Stay focused by using these tips to get ready for exams.

1.  Know the dates, times, & locations of your finals Check with your professor or review Towson’s exam schedule to make sure you know exactly when, where, and what time each final will take place.  Write it down on your planner or type it into your phone calendar.  Keep this information on you at all times!

2. Planning out your timeNow that you know when and where your finals are, it’s time to starting planning out how you will use your time.  Here is a useful guide to mapping out when your free time is.  Start by writing when you have class and work, then fill in other obligations that you may have.  After you fill out those times you will see the free time that you actually have and can plan your study time accordingly.

 3. Where to begin studyingPrioritize your studying using the 3 Ds: deadlines, difficulty, and depth.  Use your exam schedule to determine which deadline is approaching and tackle that subject first.  Start studying difficult content sooner rather than later.  Finally, consider the amount of content that needs to be learned and the weighting of each final exam or assignment to determine the depth.

 4. Break-up your study time – Remember not to spend hours upon hours studying the same subject area. Take short but frequent breaks and rotate areas (by priority!) to keep your mind focused and refreshed. Divide your time among subjects so you’re not left cramming the night before your final!

5. Use these Study Methods: Strategize how you study based on the types of questions that will be on your finals.   Common question types include short-answer, multiple choice, true/false, and matching.  Get tips on how to prepare for different types of exam questions here! 1234

So you now have a general game plan for finals, but don’t forget about resources around campus for finals.  The Academic Achievement Center has Late Night Q&A Sessions for various subjects on December 9th and 10th; Cook Library has extended hours for students who need to do research or a place to study; and the Counseling Center has an event about coping with finals stress.  Good luck on your finals!

Brittany Bell – Graduate Assistant
Jennifer Wendt and Jeremy Boettinger – Learning Specialists
Academic Achievement Center


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