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Your Body Knows Best: Eat When You’re Hungry & Stop When You’re Full

Untitled-2College presents many challenges to eating healthy. Food options in dining halls are often plentiful and it can be difficult to make the best choices for your body and nutritional needs. Additionally, college can be stressful and it is easy for many students to turn to food as a way deal with stress.

Intuitive Eating is an approach that has strong research support for its ability to help people eat in a healthy manner. Intuitive Eating addresses how and why we eat, rather than what we eat, and involves several important steps.

  1. Eat when you are hungry
  2. Eat what you are hungry for
  3. Taste every bite
  4. Stop when you are full

The process of Intuitive Eating sounds easy, right? Actually, for college students it can be really challenging to eat only when hungry and to taste each bite given hectic class and work schedules. Financial limitations may also make it difficult for students to always have access to the foods they desire. Lastly, college students may be studying or meeting with friends while they eat which may distract them from noticing when they are hungry full. Strive to eat one meal a day intuitively. During this meal, thoughtfully choose the foods that you will eat based on your desires and nutritional needs. Eat away from distractions such as the TV or internet. Focus on tasting the food and checking in with yourself whether you are full.

It is possible to eat intuitively while in college but mastering this approach takes time. Check out or “Intuitive Eating” by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.

If you are struggling to overcome an eating problem, help is available. The Counseling Center can help you to find different ways to cope with emotions or stressors without turning to food. We offer programs on improving your body image and healthy weight management throughout the academic year.  Programs include Mindful Eating, Nutrition for Exercise Performance, and Diet Busters. The Counseling Center also offers an online educational group entitled Student Bodies©.

Dr. Jamie Fenton
Clinical Director
Counseling Center


Finals?!?!? Didn’t we just finish midterms?

While setting our clocks back and gaining an extra hour of sleep was probably a highlight for many of us this weekend, the change in time also seems to have ushered in old man winter. There is a not so subtle breeze in the air, the flip flops are packed away and UGGs seem to be the reemerging fashion trend of the season, but this really only means one thing….Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the semester is coming to an end sooner than we realize. While it is tempting to put things off until the last minute and only focus on the upcoming holiday, the reality is that after returning from that extended weekend, you will be faced with final exams, group projects and presentations and other assignments that always tend to sneak up at the last minute.

In an effort to reduce the anxiety that often accompanies the end of the semester rush, try planning ahead.  With finals WPPSI-studying-hard-boybeginning December 12th, you have approximately 5 weeks to get yourself organized, prioritize assignments and prepare for your finals. While it still may seem a bit early to begin thinking about finals, now is the time to connect with your classmates and study groups to begin reviewing material from the semester. Why not think strategically and devise a system where you can begin reviewing topics previously covered so you won’t feel overwhelmed as you race to the finish line.

There are numerous resources here on campus that can assist you in preparing for your finals, managing your time in a more productive way and receiving additional help in areas where you may be having difficulty. Please do not be afraid to contact the Academic Achievement Center or talk with your professors or academic advisor if you find yourself struggling to keep up or feeling uncertain about how your semester might end in a particular course. That’s why they are there…to help you and arm you with the tools to ensure your success here at Towson.

Despite our desires to sleep in a little longer, miss a class or meeting here or there because it’s too cold outside or even watch television instead of reading or studying, we’ve all witnessed the weeks fly by, so now is the time to push ourselves and finish this semester strong.  Don’t let old man winter, midterm blues, or sleep deprivation hold you back from achieving your best this semester. Take care of yourself and prepare early so you won’t be so overwhelmed down the line.  Believe it or not, I still remember the stress of final exams. If you start preparing now you may not feel so overwhelmed during finals.

Best of luck and remember, the good news (and the bad news) is that winter break is almost here!

Dr. Timothy Chandler
Towson University

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