Terrible Excuses to Not Get a Part-Time Job

It’s that time of year. Whether it’s an on-campus desk job, an off-campus restaurant gig, or maybe even an internship, it seems like everyone i1303747612_192194727_1-Pictures-of--free-of-cost-online-jobs looking for a job. Everyone except… you.

There are definitely some good reasons NOT to be looking for a job. (See the bottom of this post.) But make sure you’re not telling yourself one of these terrible, awful, no-good excuses:

“I don’t have Federal Work Study!”

It’s a common misconception that you need work study (a financial aid award) to work on campus. But many student employees, such as TU Phonathon callers, don’t have it. It’s just a matter of checking Hire@TU, the Career Center’s online database of full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internships. By using the advanced search option, you can pick what you want specifically. And as a Towson student, you automatically have a Hire@TU account. While you’re there, check out other useful features like favorite-ing job posts, adding profile information, and posting your resume for employers to see.

“I don’t have a car!”

While it is easier to drive to off-campus jobs, don’t ignore the option of using the shuttle. By showing your Towson student ID, you can use the Tiger Shuttle for free. Check the schedule to make sure you catch the bus.  There are also on-campus jobs, plus plenty of off-campus jobs within walking distance. If you have a job in mind and do need to drive, you can always utilize Towson’s Zip Car service.

“I can’t even put it on my resume!”

Wrong! While it’s great to have a career-related experiences on your resume listing all your experiences that relate back to your degree, it’s almost important to show you have general professional experience—and  yes, that means working at restaurants, in retail, or desk jobs. Experience is experience, and it’s how you describe what you did that counts. By showing you gained valuable skills in customer service, working as a team, or time management, you’ve proved that the job was useful.

“I don’t know where to find one!”

This is the big one. As a student, you have tons of resources available to you. As mentioned before, Hire@TU is great starting point for finding part-time jobs. Don’t forget about the informative bulletin boards located in buildings around campus. Definitely check out the ones in the 7800 York Road on the second floor!2013-09-12_0805

While most of us visit our department’s web page solely for academic reasons, some departments will post the names of local employers that have hired students with your major. This applies to internships, of course, but you might also be able to find part-time work that’s related to your field.

Of course, a part-time job isn’t for everyone. Here are some pretty good reasons NOT to get a job right now:

You’re a freshman or transfer student. Before you take on a job, you may want to wait and make sure you can adapt to the coursework and new environment.

  • You have a heavy course load. Maybe this is your hardest year. You might be taking a ton of tough upper level courses, and your spare time might be dedicated to studying. That’s OK! Wait to get a job next semester, or whenever your classes are more manageable.
  • You’re a member of 572 student groups. If you’re overloaded with extra-curricular activities, it’s OK to focus on those experiences and make them be the best they can because You can put those experiences on your resume, too!
  • You’ve got family obligations. There are only so many hours in a day and you can’t stretch yourself thin. Focus on what’s important: family and doing your best in your classes!

Let’s say you’ve considered your situation, gotten rid of those excuses, and decided to start applying for jobs. Do yourself a big favor and get your resume and cover letter checked over by the Career Center! And if you have questions about job searching, feel free to call 410-704-2233 or drop by during Express Hours: 1-3 p.m., Mon.-Thurs.

Shelby Hillers
Career Center Student

Kacie Glenn
Internship Coordinator, Career Advisor


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