April: NO FOOLING!! It’s Time to Plan and Select Your Fall Courses

So maybe you have been thinking, “it must be time to register for my fall classes”…..or maybe not!  And maybe you have been hearing the anxiety of your friends and associates about getting into fall classes.  And maybe, you have been staring at 12 that  on your Student Center thinking to yourself, “what do I do now?” Well, April is the best month in which to complete your fall semester course registration.  And, while there are lots of valuable social and cultural benefits to being in college, let’s face it, academics and completing a degree program are the primary reasons you are here at Towson. Getting enrolled in courses that help you attain your goals and april_foothat meet requirements for graduation, requires a plan and you have to be the planner!  Ah yes, planning….one of those essential skills for success in college and life.  As the saying goes, “nobody plans to fail, but some people fail to plan”.  What follows is step by step approach that will help you to put together your plan and prepare to meet with a faculty or academic advisor (a must for all students!).

  1. Contact your academic advisor(s) or your academic department ASAP to set up an appointment or meeting time.  The name of your advisor is listed on the right side of your Student Center.  Need contact information for your advisor or academic department?  A campus directory is conveniently located at the top of Towson’s homepage:  www.towson.edu
  2. Prior to your appointment or meeting, review your Academic Requirements Report.  Academic Requirements shows you what requirements you have completed, which you still need to complete, and the courses that are required for your major.  Located in your Student Center, Academic Requirements is easy to use, but to get the maximum benefit of all the features see the User’s Guide which can be accessed from the Academic Advising Center web page:  http://www.towson.edu/academicadvising/index.asp .
  3. Print the PDF copy of your Academic Requirements Report.  Many advisors prefer or even require that their advisees bring that report to the advising meeting.
  4. Develop a list of 8 to 10 possible course options.  Do you still need to complete Core Curriculum Requirements?  Find a complete list at: http://www.towson.edu/academicadvising/corecurriculum.asp
  5. Move courses from your Academic Requirements Report into your Academic Planner located on the drop down menu in the Academics section of your Student Center.  Academic Planner is an awesome tool that you can use to map out your entire undergraduate degree program.
  6. Check the scheduling options and availability for your course choices.  Keep in mind that not all courses are offered each semester.   Put together.
  7. Create a few alternative schedules.
  8. Go to the meeting with your advisor feeling confident that you have done your homework and developed a plan that will work.  Your advisor may have some suggestions for modifications or improvements.
  9. By being prepared for your meeting, you and your advisor can have time to explore your other interests or goals, for example, an internship or Study Abroad or research opportunities, etc.
  10.  Congratulations!!!  You have made great strides in taking charge of your education by becoming an effective planner.

John McKusick
Academic Advising Center



One thought on “April: NO FOOLING!! It’s Time to Plan and Select Your Fall Courses

  1. Jeremy April 15, 2013 at 4:47 pm Reply

    This is a great! It explains how to better utilize things that every student already has access to.

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