Managing March Madness


We are at the halfway point in the semester, so summer break isn’t that far off! With that in mind, how do you feel about your current position in your classes?  Do you find yourself struggling with managing your free time?  Welcome to the club!  People of all ages have trouble managing their free time, so you are not alone.  Become aware of how you manage your time by reviewing the questions below.

  • Do you find yourself checking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. during time you planned to be studying?
  • Does your schedule reflect the important things you want to get done?
  • Do you consistently find it difficult (or impossible) to meet your scheduled deadlines?
  • Are you constantly late for class, work, etc.?
  • Is procrastination your middle name?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions; then you probably have some difficulty managing your time.  No worries, here are a few of our favorite time management tips to help you finish your semester strong!

1.   Use a planner.  Get a schedule book for all of your activities (academic, social, etc.), but make sure that you aren’t using multiple schedules at once.  You should be sticking to one master schedule.  You can easily miss something if you write things down in multiple areas.
2.    Create a daily “to do” list.  Each day, you should write down what you need to accomplish in the order that you need to do it.  After you finish each thing on the list cross it off; this will give you a sense of accomplishment and help keep your daily goals in sight.
3.    Differentiate between flexible and inflexible time.  Inflexible time is when there are mandatory activities scheduled like class and work.  Your study time should also be considered inflexible time.  Your flexible time is for activities that can be shifted around if something pops up.  Also make sure that you aren’t overscheduling inflexible time throughout your day, because you will need time for unexpected issues and personal time to relax and have fun.
4.    Free time can work against you.  Having too much free or flexible time in your schedule can set you up for failure.  It is easier to procrastinate if you have large chunks of unscheduled time.  You’ll find yourself saying things like “I have time to do that later” and then later turns into midnight before the assignment is due.  Set yourself up for success and balance your time so that you can be more effective at achieving your goals.

Want to learn more about how you spend your time?  Check out this activity!

Try me out!

Feel free to stop by the Academic Achievement Center anytime to let us know your favorite time management techniques and to get more helpful hints for a successful semester.

Jeremy Boettinger- Academic Achievement Center


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